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Cri Du Coeur, Truncate, Kaiser (Italy)



Cri du Coeur is a blasting techno project from Jerome D., aka The G aka G-Rom.
Lets get back some decades ago. We were in 1993 at the « Rave age » .
After listening to the sound of techno and acid pioneers like jeff mills, laurent garnier, Richie Hawtin, sven vath, carl cox, dave clarke … in german raves called « universe tribal gathering » , he had a blast and bought vinyl records, mixer and turntables and start djing under the nickname « g-rom ».
Regular at all those techno parties, every week end he was going out in the bigger belgian clubs and events, like fuse, Pk studio, … to learn the skills from those big artists coming in his country.
But why not launching his own party concept ??? that’s why he created with 2 friends, the « area 51 » party at the pk studio with more than 15 artists coming from different parts of the world.
After this success (we were in 1996) he was on the highway of party promotion and launch other concepts like « defcon » night that took place in Silo (leuven), La Chapelle, Soundstation, …
Then, he decided to slow down  everything during 3 years when he was doing only small friendly parties in liege, and take a long break with electronic music.
But the music and friend djs motived him to get back on the decks, and after some months, he made  a lifting on his musical style (so not pure techno anymore), and change his monicker under the new name « The G ».
with his new referencies he created a new concept, « rockstar », electro based, with influences from rock to acid and techno , and a lot more things.
Directly it was a success, and he grew up in different clubs all over his city, and played often in concepts such as « legendz and nandrin festival » and was the official booker for the electro day of « les ardentes and transardentes festivals » for 3 years.
During this, he came back to pure techno and launched another concept, « Liege is alive », to prove to clubbers from his city that techno was not dead there, and invited some guests like Speedy J, Rolando, Ben Sims, Space Djz, The Advent, Secret Cinema, …
He created an electro label named « G Point Muzik » and has signed lot of artists from USA, JAPAN and all over Europe.
After some years, he decided to focus on another concept in Liège and Anvers. So “LGNDZ UNLTD” and “Tape Tape” invited artists such as Joris Voorn, Technasia, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Karotte, Paco Osuna, Paul Ritch, Guti, tINI, Josh Wink, Matthias Tanzmann, Slam, Tiefschwarz, ….
But tired of promoting such events, he came back to the underground roots with underground parties in his beloved city, and booked only Belgian artists. That was the Kaput parties.
Now, all that promoter part of his musical life is under him. With more that 25 years of techno music and all that influencies in his head, he focuses on track production and of course, dj sets.
Here are some names that Jerome shared the night with: Tiefschwarz / Sven Vath / Richie Hawtin / Felix da housecat / Dave Clarke / Carl Craig / Josh Wink / Joris Voorn / Technasia / Fritz Kalkbrenner /


Diaphragm (original / Truncate remix / Kaiser remix)


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